Company Training Committee


What Is a Company Training Committee (CTC)?

A collaborative and consultative approach towards:

  • Identifying the skills and training that employees need to support the company's strategic vision and direction and to keep up with industry transformation
  • Coordinating efforts to communicate and implement training plans to build new competencies, close existing skills gaps and enhance productivity through technical, adaptive and technology skills to realise the company's vision for the future
  • Enhancing and implementing workforce upgrading plan, to help ready employees for the evolution of jobs, stay relevant with new skills and be resilient to new ways of working, towards better jobs, better pay and better career progression

    Comprise both management and worker representatives
​Possible Areas For Collaboration

  • ​Supporting the Company's vision for the future, the CTC can aim to:
  • Identify jobs that are likely to be disrupted due to industry transformation
  • Assess skills development gaps
  • Map out new skills and competency requirements as well as progression pathways for the workforce
  • Put in place relevant training programmes to help employees take on new roles
  • Track demonstration of the acquired skills and competencies 
  • Undertake communication initiatives for workforce to embrace change and have a life-long learning mindset  

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