Advanced Learning Programme



U SME is collaborating with NTUC LearningHub to spearhead Advanced Learning Programme for local SMEs across all sectors with the aim of inculcating value creation in products and services that they offer. This is achieved through a series of workshops in Leadership Excellence, Negotiation Skills, Productivity & Innovation, and Human Capital Management. 

Participants will enjoy a series of complimentary specially-designed sharing sessions by industry practitioners. Other highlights of the programme include sharing of various technologies, funding and grants applicable for SMEs. And most importantly, this is an exciting platform for various SMEs as well as industry practitioners to network with relevant industry leaders.



WSQ Encourage People powered by John Maxwell

Be a champion at maximising people capital in line with organisational values and operational guidelines. Explore, identify and motivate your team members through this workshop. 

WSQ Participate in Negotiations powered by Wiley

The art of negotiation is an essential tool in an increasingly interconnected world. Leanr how to go beyond the scope of your authority and persuade your stakeholders effectively while maintaining harmonious business relationships. Understand negotiation processes and pitfalls especially in Asia and create winning outcomes in any negotiation situation.

WSQ Apply LEAN Thinking in the Workplace

"LEAN" is a production practice that considers the expenditure for any goal other than the creation of value for the end customer to be wasteful, and thus a target for elimination. Through this workshop, you will master the knowledge and skills in applying the principles and techniques to cultivate a LEAN culture in the workplace.
WSQ Implement Recruitment and Selection Methods

In an environment where competition is fierce, it is essential for businesses to ensure they have the right mix of skills - Learn how employer branding affects attractiveness and the know-hows of effective recruitment and retention related processes.


Total number of learning hours: 84.5 hours

Total cost: $242.50* (after funding, excluding GST; terms and conditions apply)


To register, please email , or visit NTUCLearningHub ALP Website

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